Vibrating Makeup Applicator

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Looking for a tool that will help apply makeup and skincare products evenly and thinly to your face? Look no further, the Vibrating Makeup Applicator is here to save you from embarrassing moments of uneven makeup foundation, powder and cream.

This innovative vibrating makeup applicator, can make your skin flawless and radiant through balance and even makeup. This tool is very easy to use and it absorbs any liquid foundations, creams or serums that you put on your face and as a reward, you end up with perfect finish as you have visited a professional makeup artist.

Using this Vibrating Makeup Applicator tool will definitely help you save time from applying makeup every day.


Smartest New Make-Up Tool

  • An innovative vibrating make-up applicator that helps make skin flawless, smooth and radiant by using powerful and delicate vibrations
  • Smart puff has been created to give your skin a professional looking finish along with flawless complexion


Effective Skincare Routine 

  • It helps enhance the absorption of skincare products and helps spread adhering foundation, BB cream, as well as other makeup bases evenly without clogging your pores
  • With over 10,000 vibrations per minute, this soft and elastic puff helps give your skin a natural smooth tone and texture



  • These 10,000 vibrations not only help achieve a flawless finish but also massages your skin, thereby increasing the blood circulation and giving your skin a youthful glow
  • With these healthy vibrations, you get perfect V line as continued usage tightens your face skin and makes it more elasticated hence delaying the aging process and eliminating wrinkles
  • Perfectly cover up the spot, blain imprint Blackeye rim, pore and even the wing of nose via slight vibration


Gentle & Portable

  • With soft and elastic puff, it is gentle enough and comfortable to use on any types of skin
  • It enables anyone to apply makeup fast and easily, and allows you to carry it along wherever you go thanks to its portable size and even comes with refillable puffs

- Color: Purple
- Material: ABS+ Synthetic sponge
- Puff: Contains Latex
- Size: 43mm * 68mm
- Washable: Yes
- Power: Less than 80mA/3V
- RPM: 12,000 rpm/min
- Components: Vibrating Puff Device + 2 Puffs
- Battery: CR2032 * 1
- Net Weight: 50g(Vibrating Puff Device + 2 Puffs)

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