Pregnancy Car Seat Belt Protector

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Drive and ride with ease and peace of mind

There are enough things to worry about when pregnant, but thanks to Pregnancy Car Seat Belt Protector, driving doesn't have to be one of them. This seat belt takes the pressure off of your stomach and redirects it to your thighs ensuring your fetus remains safe and gives you your peace of mind. 

Safer than Regular Seatbelts

  • This seat belt protector makes the belt sit across the thighs
  • Instead of over the belly which causes much discomfort for growing bellies
  • Our seat belt allows a pregnant driver to focus on driving, as well as makes pregnant passenger more comfortable and safer 

Ultimate comfort

  • This seat belt is fastened on both sides for added safety and comfort.
  • It reduces the risks for both the baby and the mother in case of a traffic accident or a strong brake.
  • Designed for use by women 3 months into their pregnancy until the time the baby is born

Many Uses Aside from Pregnancy

  • While this product is ideal for providing extra protection in the car to expecting mommies, it can also come in handy for anyone.
  • People who have had abdominal or stomach surgery, cesarean section or any other procedure to their midsection
  • Both men and women can benefit from the use of this product

Easy to Install & Use

  • Unique design allows a user to easily unstrap and re-strap so it is more practical for daily use
  • Bump belt protector can be fastened tightly in a car seat, it's not movable.
  • Works great for petite/skinny, or full-figured

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