Healing Crystal Quartz Water Bottle

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Energize Yourself with the Crystal Water Bottle

Just when you though a normal water bottle couldn't get any prettier and better. Rock you water with this beautiful Healing Crystal Quartz Water Bottle.
A unique and healthy way to drink your water and enjoy the positive benefits of it while experiencing the world of powerful invigorating energy.

Lab Result: Crystal Has A Positive Effect To Crystalline Water Structure Comparable To Pure Spring Water in 7 Minutes! 

This photo taken by HadoLife laboratory (co-founded by Dr. Masaru Emoto) shows water crystals of regular tap water under the microscope at -30° Celsius is in random structure.
After placing natural crystal in the water for 7 minutes, HadoLife lab took another microscopic photo. It impressively shows how the water crystals are influenced positively by the effect of the gems in the Healing Crystal Quartz Water Bottle.

Energize Your Water

Let the energy of this healing stone's mineral infuse your drinking water. Inside this water bottle is a healing crystal quartz that has a high vibration, and when infused with water, it absorbs this powerful energy which you drink – it’s a taste you can even feel!

Perfect For Meditation, Yoga & Gym

A must-have product that is suitable for on-the-go lifestyle. Perfect for people who always in a rush for meditation, yoga, gym and others.

Easy To Use And Portable

Just pour fresh, filtered water into your Healing Crystal Quartz Water Bottle and fill to top.
Screw on the cap and your water will begin to charge you immediately within minutes and it is ready to go along with you all day and anywhere!

Soothes Mind And Promotes Positivity

It's known to release toxic emotions, anxiety, tension and helps protect against negativity. It aids you to bring your mind, spirit and body into balance and positivity.  It is one of the most underrated, yet powerful crystals for healthy lifestyle.

 Perfect Gift For Loved Ones

It can be an excellent gift idea for those who are curious and wants to try the fascinating benefits of this amazing Healing Crystal Quartz Water Bottle.
Get rid of your old plastic bottle and start enjoying your new drinking water charged with pure crystal energy and feel invigorated.





- Material: Natural Stone Quartz pipe

- Color: colorful

- Size: 500-700g

- Capacity: 550mL

- Use: Hydrotherapy Cup



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