Booty Belt Resistance

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The Booty Belt Resistance designed to build, lift and tone all three glute muscles, abs and total lower body. The lightweight and compact design allow you to take it anywhere or use it in the privacy of your home, never having to miss your 5-minute Booty Belt workout session.

This high quality, commercial grade machine keeps your core engaged while forcing your muscles to work through the full resistance of the Booty Bands. Making it an extremely effective lean muscle building and fat burning piece of fitness equipment.

Lightweight & Durable

  • It does not take up too much space and is easy to carry with you anywhere
  • The foot straps are made of nylon and Velcro
  • The bands are commercial-grade "pro" bands with double-dipped natural latex tubing that stretches to more than three times the length

Comfortable & Stretchable

  • There is a neoprene pad in each foot strap for comfort, so the Booty Belt can be used barefoot or while wearing athletic shoes
  • If it's comfortable enough to perform the exercises then you should be able to use it
  • The color coating represents the different levels of resistance


Super Effective

  • This booty belt system allow full exercise for your core, glute, hip and warm up your whole body
  • The unique design guarantee you will experience a quick result in just 15 minutes workout a day and remarkable result in 30 days
  • You will be truly amazed as you will start noticing the differences that will occur in no time!


Adjustable Belt System

  • Two adjustable foot buckles, comfortable and easy to wear
  • Two movable and adjustable circle hooks to make it easier for you to adjust to a right place
  • Durable hook and loop closure, no easy hurt like metal hook


Kick Ups
A. Step 1- Position yourself on your knees and arms
B. Step 2- Bend your right knee,slowly lift the right foot up as high as you can and bring your leg back down (Switch sides to work the opposite glute muscles) -4sets/10-15 reps/6o sec

A. Step 1- Get into plank position. Look straight down at the floor, Keeping your neck aligned with your straight spine
B. Step 2- Raise your right knee up to your right elbow and then bring it back. Alternate your left knee up to the left elbow 4 sets/10-15 reps/60 sec

Double Leg Press
A. Step 1- Position yourself on your arms and stay up in the crunch position
B. Step 2- Bend your knes close to your chest and straighten your legs out with your toes pointed up

In and Out
A. Step 1- Position yourself on your arms and stay up in the crunch position.
B. Step 2- Straighten your legs out and above the floor several inches with your legs close together. Extend legs in a wide V & bring your legs back together.

Abdominal Twist
A. Step 1- Place your hand behind your head or your ears.
B. Step 2- 2-Now lift your head and touch your left elbow to the right knee while pulling your knee up towards your head. At the same time, straighten your right leg, keeping it several inches off the floor. Alternate your right elbow to the left knee.


- Function: Comprehensive Fitness Exercise
- Item: Booty Butt Band
- Color: Green/Red/Blue
- Material : Latex/PP/SBR
- Waist Belt Size : 117*5 CM
- Ankle Strap Size: 40*5CM
- Latex Tube Dia: 1 CM (red) / 1.2 CM (blue)
- Latex Tube Circumference: 100CM
- Tensile Strength: 20LB (Green)/30 LB (red) / 40 LB (blue)
- Weight: 335-350g
- Exercise: For a Bikini Butt and Abdominal Muscle

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